Project Leasing

Project leasing is one of the cornerstones of our service offering. It’s a focus driven by our principals’ backgrounds as real estate owners and demonstrated in the watchwords of our training: Think like owners. We use a collaborative team approach that encourages our senior level, experienced agents to beat the competition — as opposed to each other — and achieve maximum results for Peloton clients. We credit our proven track record to our skill at being:

  • Strategic We carefully craft a specific marketing and leasing program for each asset, based on the owner’s goals and objectives, market condition and project positioning.
  • Creative We think outside the box, using innovative concepts to make property tours memorable and bring each deal to fruition.
  • Insightful Expertise in every submarket allows us to recognize opportunities others might miss and leverage relationships to the benefit of our owners.
  • Pro-active We play OFFENSE — leveraging technology, accountability and aggressive canvassing to expose each asset to the maximum number of leasing prospects.
  • Experienced We believe that staffing each assignment with senior-level talent gives Peloton — and Peloton clients — the edge on project tours, in formulating lease proposals, in deal pursuit, during lease negotiations and throughout occupancy.
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